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Qatar is constantly expanding opportunities for international companies looking to establish their presence in, or extend their reach to, Qatar and the Middle East. This is made possible through a rigorous reform agenda, a synergistic range of resources, and a string of supporting factors that together form the most empowering and business-friendly climate in the region. A full spectrum of incentives further support investors throughout their journey – from consideration to operation and expansion – granting them access to capital and steady growth in a stable and conducive environment.

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You can set up your business with the following licensing platforms

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Ministry of Commerce and Industry
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Qatar Science and Technology Park
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Qatar Free Zones Authority
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Qatar Financial Centre
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Media City

Special Economic Zones, Industrial Zones and Logistics Parks

Supporting environment

Qatar is rapidly transforming into an extraordinary hub where a promising outlook builds on a strong economic foundation, future-ready infrastructure lives alongside timeless hospitality, and enormous resources meet unparalleled connectivity, to create a lucrative world of opportunities for today’s ambitious investors.

Finding talent

Qatar’s vibrant ecosystem of resources and knowledge ranks it as the 4th most attractive country for talent and the 45th globally in the Human Development Index. The country’s state-of-the-art educational infrastructure, research programs and business acumen make it home to a higher innovation capability, and a true destination for the world’s best and brightest.